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Episode 78: The problem with tech journalism...

We discuss the decline of journalism, especially tech journalism, and of course the tech industry's rather poor coverage of Apple.

The New York Times are f---ing morons

There's No Such Thing As an "Apple Trap"

JD Powers’ tablet ’study'

Apple results

The New Rules of Tech Journalism - Curious Rat

Episode 78: The problem with tech journalism...


Episode 77: Out with the old, in with the new...

We discuss the new Def Leppard live album, all of the new Apple stuff released last week, and the future of Logic based on Apple's recent sandboxing of GarageBand X.

Def Leppard Viva Hysteria!

Star Wars writer change

GarageBand X - sandboxed plugins, coming to Logic Pro X too: KVR: Anyone making "Sandbox-Safe" Audio Units?

Logic Pro X 10.0.4: Release notes

Apple's fall event keynote

Episode 77: Out with the old, in with the new...


Episode 76: Back from furlough...

We discuss a number of topics, including some of the TV shows we're watching and the Apple event coming tomorrow. Hobbes introduces his new feature, "Bozo of the Week."

The Dresden Files

Stryper video premiere

Jim Dalrymple: The Loop

Bozo of the Week: Why I Returned My iPhone 5s by Eric Zeman

Episode 76: Back from furlough...


Episode 75: I sense something... off...

We discuss our weekends, which were rather eventful, and some of the recent bugs in Apple products.

Hash House a go go

iPhone 5S users reporting problems with the phone’s motion sensors | Ars Technica

Appearing in the 5C as well? | VentureBeat

Episode 75: I sense something... off...


Episode 74: Finding music's soul...

We discuss Hobbes' upcoming trip, Wes' weekend music project, and we search for the soul of music.

David Cope Emmy Vivaldi - YouTube

Episode 74: Finding music's soul...

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