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Episode 88: Media malfeasance

We discuss the poor job the media does in reporting facts in the tech sector, especially regarding hot-button issues including Apple, and net neutrality.

Adrenaline Mob “Men Of Honor”

Ranch On Mars released - a cover by Hobbes

Harold Ramis passes away

Samsung payola

What you need to know about Apple’s SSL bug

Netflix agrees to pay Comcast for faster service - links to Reuters article, which is misleading

Comcast-Netflix Didn't Violate Net Neutrality But It Wasn't Benevolent, It Was Business - Forbes

Episode 88: Media malfeasance


Episode 87: Where Do We Go From Here?

We discuss Hobbes' glorious return to the ice, and Microsoft's present and future under its new leadership.


Why Zombies, Run failed me. It's not it's fault.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Syntorial - The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial

Playground Sessions

Paul Thurrott comes to a sad realization: ‘Windows 8 is a disaster. Period.’ – MacDailyNews

What the Heck is Happening to Windows? | Windows 8 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Episode 87: Where Do We Go From Here?


Episode 86: Our first computers

We take a walk down memory lane as we discuss our first experiences with computers; we highlight our favorites along the way.


MyFitness Pal


D&D 40th anniversary

Episode 86: Our first computers


Episode 85: Millions of voices cried out and were silenced... by a committee.


Episode 84: Music, in theory and reality

We discuss music theory as a pre-req for composition and how it's a challenge to self-learn, online off-site backups, and how online music sales fell last year for the first time.

Five12 Numerology

WaveDNA LiquidRhythm

Excellent Synthesizer Tutorial: Syntorial Lessons

Online Backup: Backblaze

MacStories: Digital Music Sales Decrease For First Time

Episode 84: Music, in theory and reality