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Episode 21: That Vision Thing

We discuss NASA's senior leadership problem, our current podcast roster, Windows 8/DirectX/OpenGL/gaming, Mars Curiosity, the hackage of Mat Honan, and how to get more secure online.


Charlie Bolden's total lack of vision

Sacramento Zombie Run

Happy birthday Ryan Perry!

New 70Decibels podcast: CMD+SPACE
Episode 1: Merlin Mann

Cooking with Brett and Myke
The B&B Podcast

DirectX versus OpenGL as a gaming API
Steve Ballmer - "Now Your Failure Is Complete" - Finally found a way to completely kill Microsoft:
Gabe Newell Wants to Support Linux, Because Windows 8 is a 'Catastrophe'

Main course

Curiosity's successful landing on Mars
BBC News - Photo shows Mars rover descent
BBC News - Mars Curiosity rover success depends on 'crazy' landing
Mars Curiosity: Twitter: @MarsCuriosity
NASA: Mars Science Laboratory

Personal data security
Toward Better Master Passwords | Agile Blog

Mat Honan's Hack:
Emptyage — Yes, I was hacked. Hard.
How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking | Gadget Lab |
See also: Apple Account Break-In Highlights Security Weakness -

Episode 21: That Vision Thing


Episode 20: Old Media Fail

In this episode, we discuss solar storms; the upcoming Mars landing; new music from Tourniquet, Kiss, and Def Leppard; Mountain Lion; and the media coverage of the Olympics.


Tron on Blu-Ray
The Hobbit - there will be three movies

Solar Storm to Hit Earth Tuesday
MSL Landing
MSL Landing simulation

New album by Tourniquet: Antiseptic Bloodbath - The Official Tourniquet Site
Kiss - Destroyer Resurrected
Def Leppard - Rerecording the works

The Dalrymple "Yep": Apple’s rumored September 12 event

Mountain Lion
Record-breaking sales
The Loop
Does software update still work for pre-App Store Apple software purchases?

Zombie Apocalypse Open World Game Fail

Main Course

TV coverage - #NBCFail
Yahoo: Critic of NBC has Twitter account suspended after network complains - Yahoo! Sports
Deadspin: NBC's No. 1 Tweeting Critic Has Been Suspended From Twitter

Episode 20: Old Media Fail


Episode 19: Shut up Beavis, you're ruining it!

We discuss what's been happening lately, including Google's latest naughtiness, and then dive into what's coming from Apple in the next few months.

Wes' Niblits

Aurora and The Dark Knight Returns and going to see movies in the theater Christopher Nolan
Sparrow falls into shadow

Hobbes' Niblits

Google's take on popularity and intellectual property: Google Says Some Apple Inventions Are So Great They Ought to Be Shared - John Paczkowski - AllThingsD
Why the Walled Garden is a good thing: Developer Switches Paid Android App to Free Citing Rampant Piracy -

Entrée: Upcoming Apple stuff

Mountain Lion
Expectation: coming in the next week

iOS 6
Expectation: before the next iPhone ships

The next iPhone
Expectation: October
New smaller dock connector
Bigger screen
Almost certain: LTE

The iPad Mini
Expectation: probably October

Episode 19: Shut up Beavis, you're ruining it!


Episode 18: Microsoft: Business as usual

Our thoughts on the past weekend, plus today's announcement from Microsoft on the next version of Office.


What are you drinking? Adagio spearmint
Weekend festivities
Magic Trackpad vs. Magic Mouse
EPEAT revisited
Microsoft Office Next

Episode 18: Microsoft: Business as usual


Episode 17: Lies, Damned Lies, and Journalism

We discuss great local BBQ, music, including Megadeth vs. Metallica, Apple and EPEAT, and stupid journalistic tendencies.


Sauced BBQ & Spirits - Livermore, CA - Yelp
Sauced BBQ

Music binge of the week: Megadeth

The Queensrÿche saga
BLABBERMOUTH.NET - QUEENSRŸCHE: GEOFF TATE's Removal From The Band Was 'Of Outright Business Necessity'

Van Halen and the Superbowl
Vote For Van Halen in ESPN’s Superbowl Poll
Van Halen Addresses The Superbowl Rumors In Open Letter

Apple and EPEAT - The end of government Mac Use?
Apple pulls out of EPEAT green registration, may not be able to sell computers to federal agencies -- Engadget
Apple responds to EPEAT concerns

The iPad - For consumption or creation?
Microsoft Surface Allows People to Create -
via 5by5 | Amplified #13: Uncle Tim's Lunch Money


Music as a hobby versus music as a career
RELATED: If you could do anything you wanted for a living and make a living doing it, what would it be?

Episode 17: Lies, Damned Lies, and Journalism