Episode 81: Stryper Spectacular: our review of No More Hell to Pay

We discuss Stryper's latest effort. Spoiler: we like it.

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Episode 81: Stryper Spectacular

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A little something from the Wikiverse, and I believe it to be true. I recall a conversation with a rep from Paiste (oddly)

In early 1977, Armand Zildjian was appointed President of the Avedis Zildjian Company by his father. Soon after, Robert Zildjian split from the company amidst conflict with his brother, Armand. Shortly thereafter, in 1981, Robert started making Sabian cymbals in the Meductic Azco factory.

December 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMaestro209

I thought Zildjian and Sabian had such a connection; cool! My bro and I have always liked both Zildjian and Sabian.

December 4, 2013 | Registered CommenterWes Perdue

Hey guys, I stumbled upon your podcast while doing a search in iTunes, and wanted to add my two cents on a few things. First, you guys were wondering why Robert was not a part of the "Murder By Pride" album? The answer, from Michael himself when I asked him via email back in 2009 is this, Robert was not properly prepared at the time of recording on the "Reborn" album, and it caused a considerable financial expense due to the additional time Robert needed to "prepare" for recording. For "Murder By Pride", Michael sent all the guys a demo of the album so they could acquaint themselves with the material and work on their individual parts. Apparently Robert misplaced his CD, and again showed up to the sessions un-prepared, so Michael made the decision to utilize drummer Kenny Aronoff, (also his drummer on his solo album "Truth"), to avoid a repeat. Also, Tim Gaines DID play bass on "Soldiers", it was just the two subsequent albums where he was replaced. The first instance, "To Hell With The Devil", Tim was in the process of getting married and a majority of his time was spent on that and perhaps wasn't as prepared as he could have been. Robert has gone on record and stated that in retrospect it was a mistake not to have used Tim on the album, and perhaps if there was more time and money prior to recording, Tim would have been better prepared for the sessions. For "In God We Trust", that was an instance of Michael and the producer not feeling that Tim's "style" fit in with the pop, radio friendly direction the music was going, and for the record, Tim wasn't too bothered by it. As far as back round vocals, all are performed by Michael and Oz, Tim is strictly back up during the shows.

For the most part I agree with your collective review of "No More Hell to Pay". I concur that Stryper, including another cover tune so soon after "The Covering", and a ballad was kind of lackluster, for an otherwise amazing album. What I love about iTunes and having an iPod is the ability to assemble the running order of albums the way I want to hear them, and considering that the the 3 original tracks Stryper have written and recorded in the last couple of years, "God", "Blackened", and "Bleeding From Inside Out" are a better fit, I actually switched out the 2 rather naff selections for those 3 songs, and it's a better listen. Also, considering the tracks for the most part are identical in a recording and engineering sense, they fit in sonically as well in my opinion. Was a bit curious why you guys didn't seem to vibe with "Marching Into Battle", which is very old school Stryper, but yet were big fans of "Revelation" which is, by Michael's own admission, more modern sounding.

Finally, I really enjoyed your analysis on the mastering of the album, and I completely agree with you guys, It's VERY annoying listening to all of that distortion. What was the process you guys used to minimize that?

December 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMatt


Thank you for taking time to comment, and for the background info. I actually love Marching into Battle. My brother Ryan has said it's surprising that Chris doesn't like it, and I agree. It's a great song.

When I'm listening on my Mac with headphones, I wrap iTunes with Audio Hijack Pro, and use a gain plug to drop the signal a couple dB. That helps a lot on certain headphones. There are a few other things in my AHP/iTunes/headphones processing chain; I should do a blog post.

Otherwise, I don't do anything. I'm thankful that it sounds okay on my home systems. If I take time to do some research before Monday's show, I might dig a little deeper into why.

Again, thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

- Wes

December 29, 2013 | Registered CommenterWes Perdue
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