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Episode 98: The Geekery is dead; Long Live the Geekery

Episode 98: The Geekery is dead; Long Live the Geekery

We discuss whether Apple has lost the "functional high ground" it has had in recent history.

TDR Kotelnikov

Marco Arment's article that started the recent controversy.

Federico Viticci of MacStories' response: Balance

Daniel Jalkut's response

Joe Cieplinski's response: Compromises Have Consequences

MacDailyNews' Open letter to Tim Cook: Apple needs to do better

Episode 98: The Geekery is dead; Long Live the Geekery


Episode 97: The Refreshing

We discuss the happenings of the past few weeks including our visit to Cal Shakes, and we ponder refreshing our iPhones and iPads this fall.

California Shakespeare Theater

Episode 97: The Refreshing


Episode 96: Number ones

We discuss Weird Al's new number one album and the recent number one film Guardians of the Galaxy, among a bunch of other things, as we get caught up on what's been going on recently.

Old School Star Wars is back. Rebels + Original Star Wars coming to Blu-Ray?

Weird Al releases new album with 8 Videos in 8 Days promotion. Hits #1 on Billboard for the 1st time EVER.

Netgear power line adapters actually work

My new podcast app: Overcast

Episode 96: Number ones


Episode 95: Meats and Cheeses

We discuss Hobbes' Independence Day barbecue and upgrading our systems to SSD.

MacBook Air is faaaaaast!!

SSD Drive upgrade for Mac Pro

D&D Basic Rules

Episode 95: Meats and Cheeses


Episode 94: Adventures in Name Dropping

We discuss our WWDC party adventures last week, and the news from WWDC.

Patrick Rhone

AltBeard Bash

Mac OS X Yosemite

iOS 8

Episode 94: Adventures in Name Dropping