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Episode 95: Meats and Cheeses

We discuss Hobbes' Independence Day barbecue and upgrading our systems to SSD.

MacBook Air is faaaaaast!!

SSD Drive upgrade for Mac Pro

D&D Basic Rules

Episode 95: Meats and Cheeses


Episode 94: Adventures in Name Dropping

We discuss our WWDC party adventures last week, and the news from WWDC.

Patrick Rhone

AltBeard Bash

Mac OS X Yosemite

iOS 8

Episode 94: Adventures in Name Dropping


Episode 93: You’ve Taken Your First Step Into A Larger World


Episode 92: What a difference a song makes...

We discuss the controversial preference for listening to music from vinyl rather than a digital source, and the latest album from Sacred Warrior, Waiting in Darkness.

Accidental Tech Podcast Episode 60: The Great Odwalla Flavor Change of 2013

IRL Talk Episode 19: A Hullaballoo Is Not Necessary

Sacred Warrior: Waiting in Darkness

Episode 92: What a difference a song makes...


Episode 91: You can watch anything you want to, man...

We provide our analysis of Apple's unannounced upcoming products, include the TV product and the oft-rumored but as yet unconfirmed iWatch.

Apple wants its own path on Comcast network for video service, WSJ says | Ars Technica

Episode 91: You can watch anything you want to, man...